Hi! I’m Shahani from Quezon City, PH! Author of Shahani’s Life Journey 
(previously Shahani meets Travel and fashion) .

I’m now a mom of a two year old little girl. Currently my partner is based in HI, and we are in an LDR since 2018.

I am born to be a traveller, a hippie-minimalist and a vintage lover who loves fashion and arts too. What I love most is doing something that I’m passionate about like designing parties and creating arts and crafts. I love being creative and making things special. I believe that there is so much to discover in this world, thus in my blog site I will share wonderful places and give you free tips and guidelines about places that I’ve been to. I'll share to you magical moments, the story behind all my creations, as well as with my motherhood experience. I want to explore this job and inspire other moms, that we are moms and nothing can scare us. 

Always remember that in Life Every moment Matters.


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