Stop comparing your kids to others

As a mother, I want my daughter to learn new things every day and to let her discover her inner self as she grows day by day. Sometimes I envy other kids like her age who already knows how to talk. I would sometimes think I fail as a mom in teaching her. It makes me depressed all the time (I know that some first-time mom like me feel the same way) but just like what others say, “Do not compare your kids to others because they have their own talent and skills”. 

As days past by and as I look at Shammara every time she dances or sings, it makes me wonder what more can she give. Every time I would hear her count 1 to 10, reading her books, seeing her draw or memorize the alphabet in her own way, I am feeling proud and it makes my heart flutters.

These are simple joys that make me feel so proud. So I thought to myself, it’s time to stop comparing her to others, because I know she has her own time to learn new things. Instead, we should patiently guide them. 

So to first-time mommies out there like me, you need to be more diligent and patient to teach your kids and give them time for their development. We just want the best for our babies, right? So remember, “To stop comparing your kids to others”.



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