Making kids busy this Quarantine

It’s been one and a half months since the ECQ started here in the Philippines and most of us are at home with the kids. Quarantine also means more kisses, hugs and giggles, and family time. At the same time more home cleaning, DE cluttering, and the never-ending putting away of toys. I know that so many of us can relate. So, what are the things that we can do during this time of Quarantine to make kids busy and to lessen the kids’ peskiness?
Here are some of the things we can do during this time:
  • Make them busy by doing some book activities like coloring, reading, and picture scanning. In this way, it will lessen the things to put away and it will help their thinking skills.

  • Spend time with them by watching a movie together. With this, you can bond with them and can ask them afterward a few questions about the movie, this will initiate healthy conversations. For us, We love to watch Studio Ghibli Film. We love all their stories and how it teaches us lessons in life. Here are some Studio Ghibli films.

  • Play pretend toys like running a supermarket or the like. In our case, since we are currently living in my sister's house who has a son so we don’t have enough toys for girls. What we did, we made a DIY wooden market stall to play with it. We also have play money that made the kids learned how to count money and somehow introduced them to budgeting.
  • Create a new hobby. My little sister wanted to make a vlog channel. I told her that we can make it happen especially we are in quarantine and there’s a lot of time to think about contents and other stuff. But we agree that after we do something for the vlog, she will help me out to clean after. We shoot for the vlog every other day or even every three days. This makes them busy because every day my little sister and my nephew asked me what and when are we gonna do vlogs. Making videos does kills time. Please do subscribe to her channel Splash of Sai
  • Last but not the least, swimming. Since it’s summer time, and we cannot go out for a beach or any pool escape, we set up our kiddie swimming pool. Kids enjoy swimming, especially in this hot weather.

So there you go, our time killers for this Quarantine period. I hope these simple tips will help you survive this whole boredom thing at home especially with the kids. For mommas out there, enjoy this time to be with your kids and remind yourselves that we must be thankful because we’ve got so much time with them and everybody is safe at home. Not everyone right now can spend time with their kids, and it’s crazy difficult for them. So seize this God-given time until this pandemic is over. I know in God’s perfect time, all of this will end and we can all go back to our normal life. I can’t wait for that we can all enjoy the rest of this world can offer. Stay safe everyone.


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