Bohol Bee Farm

As I’ve promised, I’m going to blog about Bohol bee farm where we spent our 4D/3N in Panglao, Bohol.

Bohol bee farm is located in Dauis Panglao Island, it is well known for its organic restaurant and farm produce. They also passionately support and favor livelihood communities in the province of Bohol.

For our first day we get a Garden View Standard rooms that are inspired by the fruit and vegetable ingredients, our room has a veranda with an excellent view of naturally grown vegetable and herb garden. The room costs P3,000.00 for two/per night and it also includes a free breakfast. 

On our second day we managed to get an Ocean View Suites, which they name as The Kinabuhing Bohol (the named was inspired by the local municipalities where the Bohol Bee Farm sources food, vegetables and ingredients, delicacies, arts and crafts, and fiber materials). 

The Suites is very spacious and have a veranda and lounge area with where you can see the beautiful view of the vast Mindanao Sea. The room costs P6,000.00 for two/per night.

So I’ll now tour you to Bohol Bee Farm, they have so much to offer here and you will never get bored of the place.

First is the farm tour that takes 30-minute walk around the bee farm premises, it starts with someone explaining about organic herbs and vegetables, then to their crafting area which emphasises the livelihood projects that they also sells and produce. Then they tour us in their production area where they process their organic foods, products that they export and their famous organic ice cream. 

And last but not the least is the honeybees.


You can take a dip in their swimming pool and just spend the afternoon. 

The resort has no sandy beach like other resort in Panglao but it has a cliff side property with access to the sea below where you can enjoy yourself, swimming (just beware of the pesky sea urchins).

You can rent a diving equipment in their Cliffside dive shop if you want to go diving or snorkeling. They also have a paddle board or kayak if you want to have a water activities.

THE BUZZZ ICE CREAM offers a unique different flayors of homemade ICE CREAM since it is made with natural ingredients and has no preservatives. Some of the unique flavors are spicy ginger, malunggay, dragon fruit, and durian. Every time we passed by their ice cream shop whenever we go for a walk, I couldn't help myself but to buy and try different flavors, LOL. Don’t leave Bohol bee farm without tasting their ice cream.


Lastly are their organic restaurants (lantaw resto, talisay resto, bamboo resto, kubo, lamboy and colony resto) where every morning we taste different kinds of organic food, and it’s so delicious that even in lunch and dinner we spend our time eating in their restaurants that serve different varieties of food that are made of organic plants that they grow and produce from their farm. So it’s very interesting and really healthy.



 They also have a cafĂ© which they called Kape Bee and Bar where you can spend a night just chilling and play board games or you can relax at their Spa Wellness Center and try their relaxing massages.
And finally, take home some organic souvenir from their shop.


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