Balicasag Island and Virgin Island

We woke up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, where we had a schedule of a Half Day Island Adventure, which I arranged, in Bohol bee farm (yes Bohol bee farm also offers a country tour and Island tour). 


We visited Balicasag Island where you can actually see whale sharks and dolphins playing in their natural habitat. But unfortunately, I only spotted a single dolphin and it’s kind of a distant. Dolphin that time were a little bit intractable as our boat man would say. So after that we just went to Marine Sanctuary at Balicasag Island.

We experienced snorkeling there and found ourselves swimming with the turtles, LOL. I so love that experience, Nard and I really enjoyed it.

From Balicasag Island, lastly we went to the Virgin Island a tropical paradise covered with water when its high tide, and white powdery sand bar is exposed when its low tide.

Then decided to go back to Bohol Bee Farm and had our lunch there. 


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