Malalison Island

What's up guys! I visited this place last year when I was in a business trip in Boracay Aklan, so it was just a side trip from a stressful day.

Just an hour from Caticlan Aklan, Kalibo Aklan or Iloilo City, is the beautiful Malalison Island located in Culasi Antique, local call it Mararison. Here’s my travel guide if ever you want to visit this Island.
From Caticlan Aklan, you will reach the place by taking a bus going to Culasi Antique, ride a tricycle going to Culasi port and there you go you will see their Tourist Center. Everyone is required to stop by first at the Tourist Center to pay for the environmental fee that costs for only 20php, a terminal fee that costs 10php and also they can book for you a boat going to the island.

The boat costs 750php good for 5 persons (some boats are big and can accommodate up to 10 persons or more, price varies depending how many are you in the group) the rate is already a round trip. The boat ride is approximately a half an hour if the water current is wavy.

You can tour the Island in just a half day cause it’s just a small island that can offer you a wonderful view of the sea, a long and white sandbar, a clear blue water where you can swim and snorkel, and of course a mountain where you can have a trek and have an overlook view of the whole Island.


If you want to go trekking you must have a trekking guide because tourist are not allowed to go there without a guide, the guide fee is 250php. Bring a balabal / malong when going on a trek if you don't want to have a burned skin because there’s no tree in the mountain. But don't worry the scenery above there is worth it. You will pass by behind houses of the folks in the island. You will also see a pitcher plant along the way and some plants that you can eat.


Below the mountain, you can see the Nablag Islet where you can visit it if it’s in low tide, and a mini cave where you can rest from a long trekking.

Bring your own food because there are no restaurants in the island. Just remember to clean up your mess when leaving the place. Clean as You Go as they say. There's no ATM machine, and the electricity is limited so it’s up to you if you want to have an overnight stay. There are some inns to accommodate you if you want to stay for a night.

Back to the sandbar you can walk again or for a second option you can ride a mini boat that will drop you to the sand bar, it will cost you 50php each.

So there you go, hope you enjoy my blog write up about Malalison Island and hope you can visit the beautiful place.


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