Pocket Tee's by Shortcuts apparel.

Pocket tees are everywhere and I fell for it. There are so many online shops that sell pocket tees, just place it on instagram search and viola there are thousands of results for it. So here is my biggest love brand which I bought most of my pocket tees, that is no other than Shortcuts apparel.
What I love about their tees is the texture, it is very soft compare to other brands. Even after washing it, the texture remains the same. Another thing that I like is that, you can DIY your pocket tee, they have hundreds of pocket design to choose from, florals, cartoon characters, tribal & Aztec prints, animal prints etc. and you can also add a letter to your pocket tees if you want.
My first pocket tee that I ordered from them is this V-neck red shirt with a tribal pocket design and added it with a letter H which happens to be the first letter of my nickname “Hani”.
I love to wear it because it is comfortable and you can always match it with shorts and your ready to go.

So what are you waiting for? DIY your tees now!

Visit them in Alabang Town Center, Trinoma Mall, Aguirre Pque, Maginhawa QC, Timog, España and you can always visit them in Trendsetters and Manila sundance bazaar. You can also order in their Instagram account.


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