Happy 1st Blog Anniversary to me!

Hey, guys! I can’t believe that it’s been 1 year since I started blogging places that I’ve been to, giving readers some guidelines and sharing my OOTD's.
From wordpress to blogger platform, from planning my own domain that did not pushed through (hopefully by the end of the year I will have my own domain) and thinking sometimes to quit blogging because of my busy schedule in work that I'm not able to update my blog everyday.  I thank God that I still have viewers and readers that still believe in me in today's generation that many of us called ourselves blogger or 'influencers'. Whenever I opened my blogger dashboard and seeing the views I got everyday, it gives me a reason not to quit what I love to do (BLOGGING).


Thank you so much to those who helped me make my blog a success, my inspirations 
(you know who you are), my friends who are very supportive(team perfect), my editor (cousin Irish Ann) fellow blogger that became my mentor (kuya Justin Vawter and kuya Sef Tiburcio), and for those who are consistent in reading my travel and fashion blogs, for your comments, messages and feedbacks. I’m very overwhelmed and glad to know that you like what I’m doing. I'll try my best to be more active in blogging so that I can share to you breathtaking places and travel destination together with fashion. Time flies so fast.

Happy 1st blog Anniversary to me! 
Top: Black sleeveless top, Forever21
Skirt: Royal blue button-down skirt, Terranova clothing


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