Toscana Village of Balesin Island

Hi guys! As you can see I’m on my second to the last blog about Balesin Island and it has been 4 months since I visited the island via a gift voucher from a friend. Every time I write about this island I always feel that as if it was just yesterday, but now it feels that ughh it feels that it’s been a year already. 

By the way, here is the sixth village of Balesin Island. I welcome you to Toscana Village. 

This village is inspired from Tuscany, an Italian region in Italy known for its lush vineyard, olive groves, rolling hills and old world traditions. From its doorway, stone walls, tiled finishes, woods and other design, it featured a Tuscan architecture and design.

We went here in our second day for lunch (if your following my blog you can see that I blogged villages not according to the day that we went). Toscana is the main clubhouse of Toscana village, upon entering the clubhouse or the main area you can feel that you’re in one of the many Italian country estate. The third floor terrace has a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and also its open air courtyard that has three Oceanside swimming pools with loungers and parasols will give you an Italian feels. 


This is the room here in Toscana Villa (the rooms are similar on the St. Tropez village a hotel type room). Huge bed and a huge sofa, an italian design door which connect the room to its own terrace. 

I love the food here in Toscana. We ordered some pizza, Italian spaghetti and some other food that they have in their menu and all I can say is delicioso. The presentation and the taste are a genuine Italian food. We spent our afternoon here for some relaxation and of course taking snaps in this beautiful Italian theme village.



So, I guess I’ll see you next in my last but not the least village blog --- Mykonos village.


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