Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mykonos Village

If you’ve been following my blog about Balesin Island you will see that I already featured six villages in Balesin. Balesin village (which is a Filipino theme village that showcase our very own country, Philippines), St. Tropez village (where you can feel the southern France), Costa del Sol village (where they bring you to Spain),

Bali village (where you can see the beautiful sunset like you are just in Bali) Phuket village (a Thailand theme village where nature exist), and Toscana village (inspired by Tuscany region in Italy).
But I save the best for the last. This is the 7th village of Balesin Island club, let me bring you to the Mykonos village and have a taste of Greece in our own country. 

In our second and last day we went to Mykonos village to behold this breathtaking place. Everyone dreamed of going to Santorini, Greece, and I’m so lucky to see just even the replication of the world’s famous Greek isle, Greece. It really feels like I’m in Santorini, Greece. This is one of the best experience in my life (how much more if I really went to Greece? haha Will be planning for it).

Mykonos village really stands out to other villas. Most of the guests want to be here. Its architectural design is a whitewashed wall, blue windows and doors and a winding cobblestone roads which is inspired in Greece.

They have the Thanassis Taverna (named after a chef). This is the centerpiece of Mykonos village. The taverna has a private dining area, a lounge area, a roof deck for people who love to feel the heat of the sun and a cove deck for those who love the smell of the cool sea breeze while enjoying the view of the ocean.

These are the mykonos villas, which is really an awesome place to be. Every corner of Mykonos Village is picture perfect, great for postcards.

The main clubhouse of the village is in the beach villas area, which is located in Poseidon (a few minutes’ walk from taverna). The Poseidon is the majestic swimming pool that Mykonos village offers. It faces the Pacific Ocean so don’t be surprised if the sea god Poseidon will appear in front of you.


Beside the Poseidon is the beach villa which also has a Greek-style unit ideal for family and large group who wants to stay together and bond while relaxing to this beautiful village. These 6 different villas are named after the Greek god and goddess of mythology- Dioaysis, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Athena and Poseidon.


That's it!

So I guess, I have to let this feelings of mine go, after 4 months of blogging my Balesin island club experience. I hope some of you enjoyed it and made you feel that you were with me in this trip.

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