Phuket village of Balesin Island

As you can see I'm on my 5th blog about the Balesin island club, let me now take you to Phuket Village where nature exists. While the Bali village has the best sunset view, here in Phuket they will give you a beautiful sunrise facing the Lamon bay.

They have here their own sala or receiving area which they called "salathip" that also serve as their restaurant and lodge. The Salathip has this thailand inspire structure, the indoor sala has this buddha statues and some authentic thai artifacts. 

They also have an outdoor veranda facing their black tiled swimming pool that can give you a refreshing dining experience. You can take a dip anytime in their swimming pool and relax in their lounge recliners and parasols along the beach.

Phuket villas are similar in layout to Bali and Balesin villas, as you can see they also have an outdoor deck and daybed, lounge and chairs for relaxing. Even the indoor design of their villas are similar to the two other villas only that they have a Jacuzzi in the outdoor bathroom.

I noticed that waves in this part of the island are good for surfing (really! I even saw a man playing his surf board along the beach, we also take a dip in their beach because the sand here is almost similar to the sand of Balesin village) if only I have a surf board so I can go surfing.


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