Monday, March 21, 2016

Costa Del Sol Village

Hola everybody! it's been three weeks since my last blog about our Balesin Island trip, you know, I've been very busy in some family events that I had to attend to last February and busy organizing things in my new onlineshop (FASHIONSYNDROMEPH).

As my promise to you, here is the third village that I will be featuring. The beautiful Spanish theme village of Balesin Island no other than Costa Del Sol literally translates to “Coast of the Sun,”. The Village draws inspiration from the coastal towns of Southern Spain.


Sad to say that we run out of time to explore their casas, because we went here for dinner and their casas are already closed. Hopefully I'll have time and money haha to go back and I can stay in this village for a long period of time. The view of the Pacific ocean is what you get in waking up on their Casas.

I love how this villa was design (it's like the spanish villa that I usually read in pocket books). One unique feature of this village is their two swimming pool. One pool is a saltwater pool which is black-tiled and the other is a freshwater pool which is blue-tiled. Relaxing here and having a dip is highly recommended. The two pool is surrounded by sun loungers like the one in St. Tropez Village.

And because we went here for dinner, we're glad that we were given a private room at their Casa Grande. Very classical spanish styled restaurant is what Costa del sol offers to guests who want to dine. From the outside design until the inside architecture, the dining tables and chairs, utensils and even their doors to each private dinner room and of course their delicious food.

We tried the solomino ala pobre (delicioso), paella valenciana (the taste of this is like the valenciana that my aunt cooked whenever there is a party in our province), and the baked scallop with garlic and butter (I forgot what they called that, i love it! I'm a fan of seafood by the way haha).
solomino ala pobre
paella valenciana
baked scallop with garlic and butter
Another part that we missed in this village is their Moroccan inspired room the Alhambra Lounge, where the place will allow your mind to drift away while you relax with a glass of fine Spanish brandy (thanks to their website for the description of the lounge). Ever since I'm dreaming of a Moroccan party so I lost my chance to see this awesome room. hahaha so I guess I have to work harder to have my own Moroccan village someday. hahah

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