St. Tropez Village

St.Tropez is a coastal town on the French Riviera in southeastern France which is well know for their beaches and nightlife. Here in Balesin Island they will gave you a french riviera experience in their St. Tropez village.  

Instead of a villas, the design of St. Tropez is a traditional hotel facing the Pacific ocean. 

For me the lobby of St. tropez is the most beautiful and colorful of all other villages. Every corner of this hotel is a picture perfect and I'm telling you, you will fall in love on this place like what happened to me.

In the main floor of the hotel you will find their LES RESTAURANTS DE ST. TROPEZ which offers buffet french breakfast which is very good.

Their rooms are also stunning, there's a touch of french architectures and some of the rooms have their own veranda where you'll enjoy the view of the pool and their colorful sun loungers.

The pool is definitely good for a photoshoot, it will give you this beautiful background of the St. Tropez hotel.


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