Maxi dress

Going for a walk beside the beach of Balesin village is a cool thing to do, relaxing and watching its waves will definitely give you a clear and peace of mind from worries and stress.


Maxi dress is always a perfect laid back attire if you're on the beach. Many fashion bloggers and fashion stylists wore maxi dress when they are on the beach or even on a casual day. But for me most ladies wear maxi dress for casual beach wear, not only because it's comfortable but also you can make it as a cover up when you are wearing a swimsuit.
Actually, I had a second thoughts of buying this dress. I like it but it's not that too appealing, so I asked my mi amor if it looks good on me and there he insisted me to buy it which we bought from a thrift shop.

This maxi dress only costs P70.00. (this is why I love thrift shops).

I paired it with my Parisian sandals which I owned for a long time now. hahaha

Maxi dress always a perfect outfit for a beach, just make sure to choose the dress that perfectly suits you.
Dress: traditional maxi dress, Thrift Shop.
Sandals: Inona black, SM Parisian.


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