Colorful skirt for this colorful view

It is too hard to resist your lovely swimsuit that you can only wear it on the beach, that's why some use it as their top bodysuit.

Now you can wear it with a skirt, a short and pants that can give an edgy look like some stars that making it trend. In some of the blogs that I've read the best one-piece that you can wear are the one that are simple and have a classic design, the ones that are simple in color and that are not hard to pair off. 

And because wearing one-piece as a bodysuit is trending I tried my black scallop one piece with this colorful maxi skirt which again I bought from a thrift shop for only P50 php and it didn't fail me, it looks perfect beyond I expected.
I wore this at our visit in St. Tropez village, I didn't had any struggle to change, I just had to remove my maxi skirt and ta-da I'm ready to take a dip in the swimming pool.
Swimsuit: Scallop one-piece by foreversummerph
Skirt: Colorful maxi skirt, Thrift Shop.
Sandals: Inona black, SM Parisian.


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