Balesin Village

After blogging about the Balesin Island and some of its facilities, here is one of the said seven (7) villages which Balesin have.

The Balesin Village which features Filipino architecture is the most booked villa here in Balesin Island.

This village has the most beautiful beach front, pristine white sand like Boracay and has a clear blue water that is really good for a swim anytime of the day.

The village is located near the Clubhouse and other facilities like Balesin spa and aquatic sports center etc..

The Reservation booked us in Balesin village since there were a few who were staying there that time, but if you want to be book in other villages there should be 6 rooms that are booked in a certain village before they could open the village you want to stay (though the villages are always open for viewing).

Here is the villa that accommodated us. Villa #8 has a complete facilities. It has a king size bed, a sofa bed at the side (they will also gave you an extra bed if you want). A big bathroom, an outside shower room and a Jacuzzi pool, a daybed outside the villa, coffee maker, iPod dock speaker, hair blower, safety vault, and too many amenities.


After we unpack our things, we immediately hanged out to the Balesin Village Sala. Since the villas are some distance away from each other we need to walk to get to the Balesin Sala.

There you can have a snack at their restaurant, relax at their outdoor veranda or just simply watch the beach waves. The sala however is open lunch and dinner, it depends on the number of people who wanted to eat. (if there are only few people in the island there are certain schedules of restaurants to open for guests).




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