Isla de Gigantes

Hi there! I'm blogging another Island hopping adventure and this time it's in Isla de Gigantes in Carles Iloilo. 
So are you ready to experience what I had experienced there?

There are two ways to get there; if by plane, a flight to Iloilo City and a flight to Roxas City. But for more convenient and wise easy way, I personally recommend you to have a flight going to Roxas City (it's my province by the way haha) when you arrived on the airport take a tricycle going to the Ceres bus terminal and ride a bus going to Carles Iloilo travel time is 2-3 hours (but because the buses to Carles are limited you can also take the bus going to Estancia but be sure to tell the bus conductor to drop you in Balasan and there you can wait another bus going to Carles)

After you reach the Carles port go to their tourism center, you can ask inquiries about resorts and pump boats going to the island. Don't forget to pay the eco tourism fee for the island.

The boat costs 5000 round trip from Carles port to Isla Gigantes port plus the Island hopping is also included. It will take you 1 1/2 to 2 hours of travel in the boat. There are two parts of the island, the Isla Gigante Norte and the Isla Gigante Sur.

The kind resort which accommodated us was the Arjohn beach resort which is located in Isla de Gigantes Norte. The accommodation is so cheap! Can you believe it, the rate per person is only 200.00php per night. And you can already have a decent bed in a kubo.

Of course I travelled with my cousins (again as you all know we are a family of traveller) and to convince you more, we only spent 1500php per head for 2 days and 1 night (fare+accommodation+tour+food). So are you now excited?

The first activity of course was island hopping. Since we went there in a lean season, we don't have to deal with crowds.

First on our list was Antonia Island, there's an entrance fee that costs for 40.00php only.

One of the most beautiful island I've ever been to. It has a crystal clear water which is really great for snorkelling. There's no need for you to go far from the sea shore if you want to see a school of fishes because the moment you stepped into the water you will definitely see beautiful fishes right in your very eyes, especially if you have bread crumbs with you they will go get near you.

The island offers water sport activities like kayaking, jetski and banana boat ride. Great destination for swimming.  

Next was stepping to the beautiful and very long Bantique Sandbar. I love to see a sandbar it feels like I'm floating in the water.

The third island was the Cabugao Gamay Island, it's the most popular island hideaway that you can ever see in Gigantes.Perfect view, relaxing ambiance with its beautiful turquoise water, perfect for taking a dip and shining white sand.

Last but not the least is the Tangke, a breathtaking hidden saltwater lagoon formed by surrounding wall of granite monolithic cliffs. (you can experience cliff diving here) there are also monkeys living here watching over you while your taking a dip inside the lagoon. 


Actually when we came here it was low tide, that's why we didn't enjoyed the swimming. But what we really enjoy was the cliff jumping! this was my second cliff jumping experience and i'm not afraid anymore (cliff jumping pa more.) 

We ended our first day having a bonfire and relaxing on the night breeze beside the sea shore, lying on the sand and watching the starry night. How I wish I can experience this every day of my life.

Writer: Shahani Lopez Editor: Irish Ann Lopez Photo by: Shahani Lopez & Rodrigo Lopez III


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