Guimaras Island

Located in Western Visayas, Guimaras Island is one of the un-touch beach that you can find in the Island of Panay.

Actually, the Guimaras escape was just a side trip from my 3 day business trip in Panay island. My brother and my cousins (we are a family of traveler) decided to go in the island for a swim, relaxation and to explore more of the island (my cousins attested that it's indeed a nice place and on the other hand i've never been to Guimaras before). I always wanted to try and taste MANGOES from Guimaras which is exported to other countries.

Going to Guimaras is a piece of cake. If you're from Manila, just take a flight going to Iloilo city. Ride a taxi going to the Ortiz wharf in downtown Iloilo and take the pumpboat going to the Island of Guimaras. Boat cost P 14.00, travel time is 10-15 mins only, and voila!, your in the Capital of Guimaras - Jordan.

Jordan is the capital of Guimaras Island , Getting around here is via a tricylcle, they also have jeepneys and "habal-habal". There are so many things to do here in the Island, take a swim, Island hopping (must try: do some cliff diving here), take a tour to their Mango farm and went to see the Guisi lighthouse. But sad to say, because of our busy schedule and we only went to Guimaras here for an Island hopping so we didn't had the chance to try all the activities will be back here for sure.

We stayed in Raymen beach Resort, the place was nice just good for sleeping after a day of relaxing and beach bumming under the sun. Safe place, clean facilities, nice staff and they also have delicious foods in their restaurant. And of course they are way more cheaper than the other beach resorts.

Drop off point of Island hopping is in Alubihod beach (this where the Raymen beach resort is located). The beach resort itself offers Island hopping to their guests for as low as P650.00 for 3 hours. They will take you to different islet.

Alubihod beach bumming while waiting for our boat.

The first island is the island of Ave Maria. Where we went swimming and tried to jump on a cliff tho it wasn't that so high.

Side trip to Natago beach.

Second stop is the Baras Cave. Where the water is so freakin' cold but it's really fun to swim without the life jacket.

Last stop was the highest cliff diving spot in Guimaras. (according to our tour guide it is higher than the cliff diving spot in Boracay). Sorry but I totally forgot the name of the cliff.

Actually, I don't have that courage to jump to that highest cliff, I'm seriously afraid of it.

So we just took pictures and went back to our boat and went on out way home to finish our very quick getaway in Guimaras.


Don't you ever leave Guimaras Island without buying their mangoes! Try it and for sure you will crave for it.


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