Saturday, January 9, 2016


Cheers to my first ever owned one-piece swimsuit which was especially made for me. Ever since my cousin and I planned about our vacation in Isla de Gigantes, I thought about buying a new swim wear and it just so happened that I was browsing in Instagram and I saw an online shop who makes to order swim suit.

So, I decided to purchase a made to order swimsuit. It's the same price anyway with the ready to wear swimsuits in malls and one thing I like about it is that they will make your swimsuit perfectly fit for you and according to your body proportion, you can send them your design or you can choose in their design. And the result?

Enjoying my breathtaking vacation with this handmade swimsuit by foreversummerph. I'm so glad that I chose this brand to make my swimsuit for this perfect vacation. It's worth it. thanks!
Swimsuit: Scallop one-piece by foreversummerph
Sunnies: Lindsay by

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