Balesin Island

Until now I can't believe that I've been to Balesin Island, every time I remember this trip last December 2015, it feels like yesterday. It is still fresh in my memory. I miss the island so much, because it is not the ordinary getaway that I usually experience.
According to their website, it is "A destination of unmatched natural beauty" . It is located in southeast of Polillo, Quezon Province Philippines. Balesin Island is owned by the Alphaland corporation and only exclusive members and their guests can only visit the Island. Lucky for us, a colleague of mine gave me voucher, a two (2) nights free villa accommodation. That is why we were able to visit the place.

I remember last Feb. 2015, after reading a blog about Balesin I stated that I'd rather fly to other countries than going to Balesin because of the super expensive membership fee that now costs four (4)million pesos, but then I found myself planning for my Balesin trip last October. Thanks to Ghio for the voucher! 

After confirming the voucher to the reservation team of Balesin Island (special thanks to Ms. Luisa), we chose a villa that we want and immediately booked our flight from Manila to Balesin. (Our roundtrip fare costs P8,960/pax). 

A week before the said date, we already packed our things (this just goes to show how extremely excited we were for this once in a blue moon trip!) We went to the private lounge of Balesin which is the Alphaland Hangar near the airport at the day of our departure. 

We waited for our flight there at 7 in the morning and since there were only nine (9) of us leaving for the island that day we got the chance to fly and experienced a nine-seater private plane. Oh yes! It was my first time to fly in a small plane because I usually fly with CEB and PAL 90+ seater plane.


Actually this Balesin trip with my boyfriend was our advance 9th year anniversary celebration and also a surprise gift to my bestfriend.

As soon as we arrived in the island, I was already looking forward to stroll around the entire island. A staff welcomed us warmly and gave us a bottle of fresh buko (coconut) juice while the other staff was explaining to us and orienting us about the island. After that little orientation, we went to their lobby area for check in and took some snap shots in their Balesin Clubhouse.


What made Balesin Island so special is because the island have 7 different villages that will bring you to 7 different countries, so it was like touring 7 country in 3 days. They have the Balesin Village (Philippines), St. Tropez (France), Costa del sol (Spain), Phuket (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), Tuscana (Italy) and of course the famous and loved by many members and guest is the Mykonos village (Greece). The transportation in the island are via jeepneys and electronic buggy that are on call 24/7, you can also rent a bike if you want, but it'll be hard for you if you are not so familiar with the island because villages are literally far from each other.

These are some of the Balesin clubhouse facilities:

The biggest swimming pool in the island which is the Balesin Lounge Pool facing the Lamon Bay. Beside the pool is a 3 kiddie pool and whirlpool, private Beach Cabana and Aquatic Sports Center.

At the ground floor, there you will find the Billiards and Table Tennis (Game Room), Balesin Souvenir Shop, E.L. Tordesillas Library, Tabacalera Cigar Divan, KTV Rooms (Mike's and Rannie's), Mahjong and Poker Rooms, Salon and Barber Shop, Internet Gaming/Business Center, Screening room, Balesin Boutique, Balesin Wine Cave and more.

You can also have a relaxing massage at their Balesin Spa.  

Tour at their Ifugao Village.


Play sports with your loved ones at their Sports Center.


Have some horseback riding in their stables.

Attend a mass in their chapel every Sunday

And of course get fat with their different restaurants (Clubhouse Lounge, The Veranda, Balesin Sunset Sweets, Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Han-Gang, Tabacalera Cigar Divan, Fish Fun, Michelle's and Hannah's Private Dining Rooms, The Family Picnic Grove, Rico's Hideaway.

Their newest addition is the Balesin Royal Villa. Only members are allowed in this area and all guests are provided with official tour guides from the island.

Sad to say we weren't able to stroll all over the Island because it is too big and we were so busy taking pictures of the villages. By the way I'll be blogging each villages on my next posts so watch out for more stories of experience and feel free to feel, to imagine while reading my blog. (lol)


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