We are more than powerful

Villa Escudero is really an awesome place not just for relaxation but also for photoshoots.

For our last day in the Villa, I wore my new top which again I bought from a bazaar in Taytay Rizal. I'm always comfortable wearing a spaghetti strap top because it's cozy.

For my bottom, it's a short I bought from a thrift shop. I love buying clothes in a thrift shop not only it is cheap but most of them are unique in design, and sometimes if you're just lucky enough you'll find branded and signatured in affordable prices.

My sandals are Parisian, a local brand by SM Department store. In fact most of my flats and heels are Parisian, it's always comfortable to wear.

Lastly my bag is a Calvin Klein bag which I ordered from Starshoppe (Your online shopping store from the major brands in US).Visit starshoppe for 100% authentic bags,shoes and make-ups etc.

Top: Bloody spaghetti top, Taytay Rizal Bazaar 
Short: US airforce shorts, Thrift Shop 
Sandals: Inona sandals, Parisian
Bag: Calvin Klein bag, Starshoppe


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