Teal + Floral

Hallo!! my 2nd outfit (Villa Escudero plantation and resort story here!) was a teal spaghetti strap top which again I bought in a bazaar in Taytay Rizal and my forever loved floral shorts from Rov dela div trivia: it is a spanish term for road of divisoria hahaha.

I love the color coding of my outfit, the top perfectly fine with the floral shorts. Completing my outfit with a dorothy sandals form huemanila. Visit HUEmanila IG for awesome shoes. One of my favorite local shoe shop.

I'm very picky when it comes to my outfit. As much as possible, the color of my top goes with the same color of my bottom or if its printed I make sure the top and bottom has the same color in it. As well as with the shoes and bag, I find it very much pretty.
Top: Teal spaghetti strap, Taytay Rizal Bazaar
Short: Floral teal shorts, Rov Dela Div (Divisoria)
Sandals: Dorothy sandals from HUEmanila


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