Friday, October 23, 2015

Art in Island

"Play with the Art" as they say. This museum will surely give you masterpiece that are awesome and will really give a feast to your eyes. 

Art in Island is said to be the largest 3D museum in Asia opened last December 2014, it is the new attraction not only in Quezon City but also in nearby places.

I never knew about this place until I saw it in my highschool friend's facebook and one of my best friend keeps on telling me about this place. So I got a little bit curious where it was. I thought it's in Singapore (the trick eye museum)but it's just within my reach, it's in Cubao. In my excitement, I went there the next day. It is located at 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. You can reach the place by taxi or LRT 2. If you're from Sampaloc, Manila just take a jeep going to Cubao and drop off at gateway Cubao and take a little walk to Cubao Expo.

It has 200+ art masterpiece paintings that will really amazed your eyes. FYI these paintings are work of arts by Korean artist Yun Jae Kyong together with his korean artist friends.

Admission fee costs P500.00. 20% discount if your'e a student, PWD, and a senior citizen. Also if you are celebrating your birthday you are FREE just bring a proof and you must avail two (2) regular admission.

Foods are not allowed inside the museum. Shoes are also not allowed inside. Socks are okay but if you are more comfortable in barefoot then it's fine.

Yes, picture taking is unlimited. But take note of their policy of "no flashing of cameras" and tripods are prohibited.

There are certain markers that suggests where to stand in taking pictures for you to get the right angle. Just follow those markers or you can experiment the angle you want.

1st stop is the Aquatic theme. (Under the sea!)

Next is the Animal and Jungle theme.(Welcome to the Jungle!) 

They have this Masterpiece theme where you can see just like some of the famous masterpieces of all time.

Ancient time (my favourite among the rest of the theme)

Religious theme is also present here.

Just use your imagination guys! Be caught by the magical world of this museum.

Their Christmas theme will fast-forward you to Christmas time. 

There were so many paintings that you don't even know if what else to take pictures to.

You will finish strolling the entire museum in 2 to 3 hours depending on how long you are going to take pictures of the paintings.

We really enjoyed this awesome museum travel. You don't need to travel so far for you to have a mini vacation, celebration or even a date. The museum is just around the corner.

This 3D museum is a perfect place for family and friends. 

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