La Union: Beach bumming and Surfing!

Before the month of May ended, I spent time as a third wheel with my couple friend. LOL.hahahaWe decided to go to La Union for beach bumming and surfing. 

La Union is said to be the surfing capital of Northern Philippines. Everybody loves La Union maybe because it is a quick getaway from Manila if you want to catch some waves. Going there is so easy. We rode a Partas Bus at Cubao. We left around 12 midnight and asked the driver to dropped us at Urbiztondo San Juan La Union. The travel time will take you about 5-6 hours. But in our case we arrived at San Juan around 7am.

As soon as we arrived, we immediately looked for a place to stay. There are a lot of hotels and resorts that will fit your budget. For us we chose San Juan Surf Resort. The resort's check in time is at 10am but because the front desk officer saw us that we're tired because of the travel from Manila she lets us checked in as early as 8am. They indeed have a nice employees here, kudos to the staff.

After we put away our baggage, we went to Sebay Surf Central where we ate our breakfast. ( I just love their plate presentation and to rate the food it's 8 out of 10) After we ate our breakfast we decided to take a rest.

We strolled the long beach and to our dismayed there were no big waves that time. It seems we went on the wrong month. We found out that you can only catch big waves during the start of "ber" months up to April.

After strolling, we ate our lunch at Surf Shack. It's a bar and restaurant just right in front of San Juan Surf Resort. The place is nice, it is a laid-back hang-out spot for surfers, beach bums, and foodies! They serve different kinds of food like pizza, pasta, burgers,nachos, rice meals chicken wings and many more. That is not all, all of their menus are very affordable but very sumptuous.

There's this rocky portion beside the beach where you can watch the sun setting down while taking a good shot of it.

It is time for surfing! But sad to say, we had to leave our cameras and phones in our hotel room and for some reason our photographer is busy strolling in his own. Haha.

Anyhow, the surfing fee is P400.00/hour, that includes the surf board and the instructor. This wasn't my first time to surf. Actually I already had an experience before surfing on Baler. That time, I became in love in surfing although at first I stumbled a lot but if you never give up on trying you will finally enjoy the best ride of your life on the surfing board.

We had our dinner at this very lovely place called Flotsam Jetsam Artist beach Hostel. The restaurant really suits my style because of its hippie vibe ambience, artistic as other tourist say. The foods are delicious as I expected. The restaurant has this kubo where you can relax for a little while and also take a power nap in their mat.

Will be continued on my next blog post La union to Baguio.


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