Unexpected Nagsasa Cove getaway

It's Holy Week Season and everybody's busy planning for vacation except for me. Not until my best friend texted me if I'm game to get away from the city. I said yes and we immediately searched for potential getaway place. It just so happen I saw my brother's photos which truly captivated me because of its beautiful scenery. And so I asked him the details about the place, it's Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. 

And so we packed up and then good to go. We drove from QC at exactly 4:30am and took the NLEX road and exited at DAO heading to SCTEX road. The sad thing was, we were stucked in traffic for almost a couple of hours, well it's because the Holy Week that time was just starting and everybody were coming to and fro. After passing SCTEX we exited at Subic Exit and just followed the sign going to Subic free port straight to Olongapo. Still we followed signs heading to San Antonio Zambales. When we reach the town of San Antonio we asked some locals for directions going to Pundaquit beach just to make sure. (this is the drop off point going to Nagsasa Cove). Estimated travel time from Quezon City to Pundaquit Zambales is 6 hours.

The boat ride rates from Pundaquit beach to Nagsasa cove depends on the island you want to head to and if you want to include in your package rate an island hopping. We paid P3,500.00 back and forth for the three of us going to Nagsasa Cove, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. (For a hassle-free travel, just contact Ate Girlie to accommodate your boat ride going to Nagsasa Cove #09065279503)

Going to Nagsasa Cove was a rough ride tho. The bangkero told us that we have to brace ourselves because there will be a little splashing of the sea but that "little splash" turned out like we swam from the port to the cove. But we definitely enjoyed that one hour boat ride. So let me give you a tip: secure your gadgets using water proofs bags and pouches if you don't want to ruin your stuffs.

As we stepped to this breathtaking place, I felt like I was in a different world. The place has no electricity, no signal, it's just you and the nature. Now that's my definition of travelling. Relaxing and engaging with the nature that will ease my stress and somehow get away from problems. As someone quoted “Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.”

Nagsasa cove is one of the Cove that Zambales have, Some other cove are Anawangin Cove, Silaguin Cove, Talisayin Cove, Capones Island and Camara Island. These are dubbed as the jewels of Zambales because of their astonishing view.

The moment we arrived there, we immediately put away our things and prepared our lunch. After lunch we took a rest for awhile in the hammock that we bought at Pundaquit Beach for only P100.00. 

Of course we wanted to capture every moment of staying there starting with the aeta children swarming the place. Maybe you're wondering why there are aetas in this place. It is because these aetas are the people who takes good care of the place as well as takes responsibility in collecting payments.The entrance fee of Nagsasa Cove is P100.00. Take your worries away about comfort and shower rooms and even supply of water in the place. These things are abundant there.

We waited for the sun to set before we went to swim. We don't want to get burned anyway by Mr. Sun.
Friendship Goals

We barely remember how long we stayed in the water because of the clear and cool water of the beach. 

Aside from swimming, you can also go fishing and surfing, try catching crabs or just even stroll the place.


I also recommend you to try their halo-halo while enjoying watching the sunset view.

There are no room accommodation in the cove to give you a comfortable sleep. You must bring your own tent and beddings and even food and drinks to survive. But if you're really a real traveler then these things will of no issue to you. Good news is, there's a single store that provides your basic needs. And if you don't want to hassle yourself in bringing tent with you, no worries because they're also lending a tent for rent there. And if you are really a great fan of real camping style, you can completely have a camping experience in the cove by putting up a bonfire at night. You can buy a wood from the store (In our case, tent and woods are part of our payment to our travel agent Ate Girlie).

Don't forget to bring flashlights with you or any battery operated lamps if you still want to see your food while eating dinner. Haha. Because the only one that shines at night is the moonlight. After we had our dinner, we put up our own bonfire without papers or even kerosene to light it up. We're good at it tho. Haha. But if you're having a hard time to light up, then make sure to bring lighters, papers or anything that could light your bonfire up. 

Lights off at 9pm.


  1. I was just here last May!! How come you paid for 3,500 for the boat ride? We only paid 500php per head, back and forth. But any, nagsasa cove is the place to be if you really want to get away!! We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I suggest people who want to wander should visit the place during weekdays. :)

    1. Were only 3 person haha maybe that's the reason the boat cost 3500 for the three of us and it include Island hopping. haha. Sad to say we only stayed here for 2 days and 1 night. Honestly I want to go back in this place again!

  2. My blog's at memoirsofaflowerchild.blogspot.com btw. Hahahah

    1. Already saw it! haha kainis we didn't hike, waterfalls yung makikita dun diba?


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