Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pinto Art Museum!

One boring afternoon me and my special someone decided to go on a date. It’s already 2 o’clock in the afternoon and there’s no time for us to go far from Manila and that’s when I remembered that my friend went to a beautiful place in Antipolo. I texted her and asked her for directions to reach the place. With her help and of course, the internet, me and my bae managed to go there safely.

The place is only 45mins away from Manila without traffic. We rode the LRT going to Santolan station, and took an FX going to Antipolo and got off at Ynares Center. From there, we rode a tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum.
I strike a pose at the entrance door of the Museum 

And there it is! I’m so excited to open this door to see how beautiful this place is. We paid P150.00 for the entrance (but now I think it’s already P180.00).

When I entered the place, all I could say is “WOW!” as if I wanted the time to stop and spend the moment with my love in this wonderful place. I was too excited to roam around the area that I don’t know where to start.

Wearing Ripplesbyjenny Plaid mini square dress with matching Denim from Truelove (Sm Stores) and a pair of my favorite Meg Sandals from HUEmanila.


See the beauty of the place? with me in the pictures haha. A breath-taking scenery and a Santorini inspired structure that will surely captivate your heart. A place that could give you the relaxation and peace of mind that you need by simply lying on their garden bed or sitting on a chair while talking random things that pops out on your mind with your special someone. How romantic it could be.

Indigenous artworks 

his beautiful Artwork is so awesome 

An artwork made of different kinds of plastic materials 

Holding hands with my love 

Not only the place is beautiful but also the Art galleries inside the museums, We really love all the paintings and been amazed by the materials that was been used in each artwork. You will see different kinds of artworks here that describes different disposition of people and nature. That’s why I recommend this place to art enthusiasts and people who seeks for relaxation.

Ending our day with love in Pinto Art Museum with this beautiful Sunset.

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