Last day: CEBU

We’ve come to the last day of this trip. I will surely miss Cebu and definitely will come back and make the most out of it.

But before saying goodbye let me tell you what happened on our last day of tour.

From our hotel, we traveled 30 mins. to the very famous Taoist Temple, located at Beverly hills Subdivision in Cebu City. We asked the taxi driver to wait for us because you will seldom find a taxi there. We don’t want to kill our time tho looking for a taxi after the tour because we need to go back at 3pm to the hotel and prepare to catch our flight back to Manila. The taxi fare from the hotel to the temple was just P 65.00 but since we asked the driver to wait we add a P100.00 to the fare. 

I felt like I was in China, because the entrance, it was like your walking to the famous Great Wall of China. What’s interesting is that, the temple is not just exclusive for Chinese only but they opened it in the public that they may be able to share a little culture of China to the Filipinos. 

There’s no entrance fee to the temple, just make sure you do follow their simple rules, such as, “No taking of pictures inside the temple altar.” And “Observe silence during praying time.”

I really love the place, especially the view where it overlook almost the whole city of Cebu. And the structures of the temples were amazing a typical modern Chinese religious architecture. The serenity of the place was the best to unwind and to meditate by yourself. 

They also have a souvenir shop where you can Chinese stuffs. What’s more fun was their wishing well, and yes you have to try making a wish to their well. Amazing! Oh by the way, the temple is open from 9am to 6pm.
After going to the temple we had a quick look of the Magellan’s cross, the most important landmark in Cebu City. 

This landmark is located behind the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, at Magellanes Street. Another 30 mins ride from taoist temple and 15 mins. if you are from the city. 

What’s special with the cross is that, it’s symbolizes how Christianity began in the Philippines. Upon The arrival of Portuguese and spaniards in Cebu, Ferdinand Magellan ordered to plant the Christianity cross on April 14, 1521. 

Wearing Scallop blouse from TOMATO, Brown short by DISGUISE bought from FISHER MALL, and SO FAB! sandals named BROOKLYN CHAMPAGNE

It’s a bad timing of going there because they were renovating the entire place. So if you’re planning to see the cross in your next trip make sure the whole renovation thing is finished. Hehe 

Before we head back to the hotel our one last stop was souvenir shopping. Don’t leave Cebu or any place that you have been without anything to remind you of the place. Just across the magellan’s cross, there’s a shop that sells different type of souvenirs. Shirts,cap,ref magnet,keychains etc. ISLANDS : Don’t forget to visit this place!


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