A little bit of Island Hopping

I’ve heard that there are a lot of beautiful islands in Cebu and dubbed as their “gems”, such as Bantayan and Oslob. But unfortnately, we didn’t had so much time to travel to those islands because it will took us long hours to reach the said islands. So I asked Alicia (boyfriend’s cousin) if possible there is a nearest island from the city good for island hopping, experience and just for sight-seeing.

It was somehow a fun-filled sunny day during our island hopping experience but the party didn’t stopped there, we went back to the hotel and extended a party with yummy pizza.
The next day, everybody was ready to take another extraordinary exploring. I and my boyfriend’s relatives and the rest of the gang met up in our hotel lobby. Since there were 12 people, some of us took a private car and some took a taxi going to Maribago Lapu-Lapu City. It took us 45 mins. to arrive there, We dropped off at S2 Cebu Club Dive Marine Sports.

What’s cute was that, a little boat fetched us up for our main pump boat waiting for us in the near-middle of the sea because it was low-tide that time. Ate Soy was the one who had a contact to our boats. She haggled the price of the rental for I guess around 2,500.00 to 3,000.00 maximum of 30 pax. So if you’re planning to go there, I advice you take a big squad with you. Good thing, we’ve been able to bought goods for our lunch and snacks for the whole day.

Ready to sail and be amazed of a feast to the eye view!

Below are random photos when we were in the boat and Ate Soy was preparing our sumptuous lunch inside the boat. Some were enjoying the relaxing view of the sea and some of us were catching up.

The 1st island in the list was SULPA Island. It’s actually a small privately owned island, but we didn’t stopped there because there was an entrance fee to that island. We didn’t mind though, instead we just stayed in our boat for more fun activities. We enjoyed diving, swimming just near around the boat and a lot of eating that day. We didn’t spent so much because the mesmerising view was just enough.

Below are random photos when were in Sulpa Island I mean near the island haha. Underwater Shots, me taking a selfie, Kuya James and Ate Soy together with their friend haha sorry ate I forgot your name, and Alicia’s friends, etc..

Alexa strike a pose and the Love Birds <3

One thing that made our day was that some of us found an adorable starfish. A “bangkero” vendor also sells sea urchins. In our curiosity if what it tastes like we bought some of it. It tastes like a combination of an oyster and a seaweed.

Sad to say but I barely remember the names of the other islands we went to.

There’s this small island that is free to everyone but unfortunately the sea was not that so tempting because of scattered algae in the water. And it’s a stony beach after all. What’s more sad about it was that there we found a lot of garbage, vandals on the rocks and the view was not that great.

So, we decided to go back to the boat and instead we enjoyed having a photoshoot and swimming in the middle of the sea.

Wearing Little rose two-piece and Anchor Board-short that I bought at the Fisher Mall Department store.


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